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The user experience is a crucial ingredient when it comes to positioning your brands online. A good user experience starts with the right depiction of a product, and Pranetor believes in delivering the magic touch to all client projects and priorities with able designers and visual experts working with an eye to detail across various platforms including mobility and desktop or tablets.

UXelerate your Business

Enhance the User Experience of your business applications

We perform our custom-tailored, individualized creativity workshop with you, which will bring to light customized product ideas. It does not matter whether these are for stationary or mobile applications. As soon as a product idea has been found, our special workshop User Experience for Business Applications - will focus on resolving discrepancies between business goals and user goals. Features that have an emotional effect on the users of the product are identified and will now trigger motivation, identification, long-term conviction, and creativity among them. Your product will be an inspiration and people will like to use it.

We interact with the client to understand the design direction and work in the same course. The team of designers at Pranetor develops accurate wireframes accordingly that depict a smooth and consistent flow of screens across the application or portal. A complete navigation path is devised accordingly involving system elements, such as buttons, links and required infographics to set the complete portal functioning with desired user proximity.


Do you want an integrated User Experience Strategy?

As the user experience and design are mutually dependent, we essentially follow a model that benefits various sizes of business and stakeholder interests. We reach out to customers with the desired output in the agreed time-frame that takes care of several parameters.

    A design that uniquely challenges established practices.

  •   Modern visual appeal in sync with agreed theme.
  •   Propels interest of buyers through user experience.
  •   Navigation as smooth and frictionless as possible.
  •   Advanced usability and the speed of cognitive processing.

Our Design Methodology


  •   Scope Document
  •   Stakeholder Interviews
  •   Heuristics Report
  •   Usability Testing
  •   Project Charter

User Studies

  •   User Interviews
  •   Surveys
  •   Analytics
  •   Reports
  •   Personas

UX Design

  •   Content Analysis and Site Mapping
  •   Taxonomy Structures
  •   User Interaction Flows
  •   Wireframes
  •   Functional specs

Our business is your business’ advantage

    We help you -

  •   Generate innovations
  •   Improve the positive UX of your products
  •   Develop products that generate positive UX
  •   Develop an integrated UX strategy for your company
  •   Improve customer experience



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