PRANETOR Online Internship Training

Over the years India has evolved as an IT hub. We at our online training institute use the educational excellence of Indian IT professionals in an innovative way, harnessing the power of IT. We take the classroom to homes and offices of students in USA, Canada and the Middle East.

PRANETOR Offline Internship Training

Offline training refers to training of students and professionals at the PRANETOR premises and PRANETOR affiliated premises in all over India. Our dedicated team at of the Offline department also conducts seminars and presentations for Universities and colleges. They are also actively involved in arranging highly customized on-campus training at a very competitive fee. These classes have been designed keeping in mind the latest market trend and job requirement.

PRANETOR Corporate training

Corporate training is an important ingredient for all the corporate companies. We constantly learn and research new methods and skills so that we are able to train students, teachers, employees, officers, executives, managers, CEO’s and other professionals in their respective fields giving them new tools and techniques to sharpen and shape up their minds, so that they understand their strengths and weaknesses.



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