Managed Services

Application Managed Services

At Pranetor, we understand that applications are the prime movers of organizational success. Our extensive experience in PeopleSoft, and specifically, our Application Managed Services practice makes your applications literally take off when it comes to their performance and up-time.

Better Project Control

  •   Knowledge Management      database
  •   SLA driven Application      Management
  •   Flexible project Governance
  •   Project Control validated with      Reporting results

Quality Management

  •   Processes based on CMMi, and      Six Sigma Focus
  •   ISO 27001:2005 Certified      Facilities
  •   Seamless execution of process      and project
  •   Assured Client Data Security

Continuous Support

  •   Global Delivery Model
  •   Cost effective support plans
  •   Dedicated Support
  •   Productivity improvement for      Application management

Greater Flexibility

  •   Resource Rotation between      Development projects and      support
  •   Distribution of work between      support and enhancements
  •   Flex! team on demand at 0-cost
  •   Flexible Engagement Models

Support Transition Framework

Pranetor has a robust transition framework that allows for maximum knowledge transfer and minimum down time for your applications during the transition phase. Furthermore, our time- tested Application Managed Services methodology opens up scope for process improvements that further enhance your application as well as support performance. While with the Global Delivery Model, we assure our clients of an immediate 40% cost savings, with the addition of our Flex! offering, this figure goes even higher, especially in landscapes where there are inconsistent support request volumes.

  • STEP-1

    Prep and Deployment Guideline

    • Validate Engagement Plan   
    • Develop SOW   
    • Application Transition Plan   
  • STEP-2


    •   Knowledge Acquisition Support
    •   Parallel Perform
    •   Steady State Transition
    •   System Maintenance Document
  • STEP-3

    Steady State

    • Continuous Application Support  
    • Resource Consolidation  
    • Provide call based Support  
    • Weekly - Metrics Reports  
    • Steady State MIS Reports  
    • Tested Code / application  
    • Project Status Reports  
  • STEP-4


    •   Productivity Improvement
    •   Process consolidation
    •   Infrastructure Consolidation
    •   Productivity Improvement
    •   Process Consolidation
    •   Infrastructure Consolidation



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