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Website Design & Development

Your website is the vehicle for your online marketing strategy, so it’s vital for your website to be built according to the latest standards, using the best software to produce results of the highest quality. Pranetor has planned, designed, and developed hundreds of successful websites with varying budgets, helping both small businesses and some of the most well-known brands in through out the world.

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Responsive Web Design

Make sure your website offers the same user experience across a number of browsers websites (both web and mobile). While most CMS platforms are flexible enough to cater for a variety of devices, it is important to plan your content to match the user experience you want to create. Given different screen sizes and the type of content that you might have, it is often altogether viable to offer a completely different user experience from mobile to web.

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Printing & Branding

Generally for any organisation To create a “brand” is to create their image, and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals. Our team is mainly focussed on Working in branding which allows a designer to get involved with many aspects of the industry, from logo design to advertising to copywriting and slogans.
Our work in branding involves: Logo design
Business card design
Letterhead design
Writing slogans

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We are able to help you design and build your next eCommerce project, whether you are looking to start up a new eCommerce website or to improve on the current platform you are using. By understanding your target audience, we can help you create a web-store that engages your target audience and helps you convert on sales.

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Planning & Strategy

Every website has goals; the common ones being lead generation, branding, sales support or eCommerce. Picking the right strategy for your business / organisation depends on your product / service, where you sit in the market and where you intend to drive your sales from. Through discussions, research and workshops we can reveal the most appropriate web strategy for you and a plan to achieve execute this strategy.

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Information Architecture & User Experience

Structuring your website and presenting your content logically is a crucial part of ensuring web success. Clever structuring ensures that both users and search engines are able to find your content easily, presents a better user experience and ultimately better conversion rates. We can help you reduce duplication and prioritise content presentation.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once a website is established, generating traffic through branded and social efforts then smoothing out the user interface to improve conversion rates is the next logical step. Improving conversion rates is a process of trial and error, split testing and a combination of both art and science. We can help you identify the key factors that drive your conversion rates and provide you with the processes & technology to improve on it. We can help isolate trouble points on your website and provide both statistical analysis and implementation to improve your conversion rates. OUR WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT CAPABILITIES INCLUDE

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SEO & Traffic Services

Our specialist SEO services have helped businesses gain more targeted traffic to their websites. Moreover we are able to help you manage your paid marketing promotions through Adwords, YouTube and Facebook. Our traffic specialists can help formulate campaigns that will help bring visitors in and engage them, whether it is a sale or simply to create a captive audience.

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Integrated Approach

The aim of a well integrated approach is planning where your website sits in your marketing approach to help you maximise your campaigning spend. Websites are also used to provide customer service and reduce the cost of servicing a customer. The website is also the first place for your customers to find promotions, campaigns and interact with your business. With clever planning, we can help you build an asset that supports all your brick and mortar efforts. A well integrated website supports your social marketing efforts and engages first time visitors.

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